Getting started

In order to get started we need your BambooHR subdomain (If you access BambooHR at, then the subdomain is "mycompany") and an API key.

Once you have those things send them over to your point of contact at Pinpoint and we will set the integration up in Pinpoint for you.

Your Bamboo API key

To get your API key out of Bamboo you need to sign in, click you name and then 'API Keys'

Click 'Add New Key'

You can give the key whatever name you like, its just for your own reference. Once you have created the key copy it to somewhere as it's not possible to see existing keys after they have been created.

The way Bamboo's API keys work is that when Pinpoint uses that key it will be authenticated as if the person who created the key had signed in. Therefore the permissions of the person who creates the key are very important. Please ensure that the user generating the key has permission to create users across all your Bamboo account.

You can read more about the BambooHR API keys and authentication process here

Sending applicants to Bamboo

Once you have sent us your API key you should see the option to 'Send to BambooHR' for candidates.

You can change the information sent to BambooHR to make sure that employee lines up with how your company is configured in BambooHR.

API Key storage and usage

Once we have your API key its encrypted and stored in our database.

When you request to send a candidate to BambooHR we use the API key along with your company subdomain to push the candidates information to your BambooHR instance.

You can delete the API key that you have provided us in BambooHR at any time, this will completely remove Pinpoint's access to your BambooHR account. Deleting the API key will mean that Pinpoint can no longer create employees in Bamboo for you.

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