This guide will walk you through how to create sign-off workflows for new job requisitions. 

Each workflow is assigned to a department so that any new jobs that are created will automatically follow the sign-off workflow for the department that they are created within.

You'll need to have the permission role of 'Company Manager' in order to access this area of Pinpoint.

First head to the Organisation page. Click 'Add a new workflow':

Hit the 'New sign off workflow' button as shown here:

Depending on the structure of your organization you may want to have multiple different signs off workflows, for example, one per department.

Give it an appropriate name:

Your workflow can consist of any number of stages that you wish. A stage is followed in sequence, so only once the first stage has had approval will the second stage be sent out for approval.

Within each stage, you'll specify how many people must provide approval, before the workflow can continue onto the next stage.

So for example you could have a one stage workflow that has two people in it. They will both receive an email at the same time asking them to approve the job. They are both required to approve the job in order for it to go live.

Or alternatively, you could have two stages and one person in each stage.
It's super flexible and you can set it up in a number of different ways to suit your business.

To add a stage to the workflow just drag and drop it as shown here:

Ensure you name each stage with something that makes sense.

To set up the stage click the edit icon. You'll be presented with the following:

Select the minimum number of signatories that must approve of the job before it can move onto the next stage in the workflow (or if there is only one stage, mark the job as approved).

Enter the names of the approvers in the next box (note that they will need to be set up in Pinpoint and have visibility to view the job). You can enter as many names here as you wish, but only the number you specify in the box 'Minimum Signatories' box need to provide approval. These people will all receive an email requesting them to review and approve of the job.

Next head to the 'Organisation' page which can be accessed from the main menu on the left. 

You will now see your new sign-off workflow in the upper right of the screen as shown here:

It is now ready to be assigned to a department.

Click the 'Edit' button.

Next, select the departments you want this sign-off workflow to be applied to and hit save:

That's it! Now any new jobs that are created for that department will automatically follow your sign-off workflow.

The email that an approver receives will look like this:

When they click the 'Review Job' button they'll be taken to a page with all of the job details on it, like this:

From there they can either approve the job or decline it and add some commentary.

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