In Pinpoint, you can switch on equality monitoring for any given job.

This allows you to run reporting that shows the level of diversification of your applicant base and refocus your sourcing strategy to achieve your diversification goals.

When turned on a section is added to the job's application form which looks like this:

These fields are completely optional for the candidate, so they could choose to submit the application form without providing this information.

Speculative Applications

To turn this on for your speculative applications, head to 'Profile' under the 'Company' section in the main menu on the left an choose the 'Equality Monitoring' tab.

On this page you'll see the following section: 

Turn the toggle to active and that's it.

Job Applications

Click 'Manage Jobs' in the main menu on the left.

Locate the job that you want to turn on equality monitoring for and click the three dots to the right of it, then select 'Edit Job'.

In the screen that appears, locate the setting called 'Equality Monitoring' as shown below and tick the box. Click the green 'Update' button at the bottom to confirm your changes:

Once candidates start submitting this information, you can view the results from the 'Equality Monitoring' menu item under the 'Insights' section as shown here:

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