In this guide you'll learn how to add a candidate to a job that you have been given
permission to view. 

Before you begin, you'll need to have been setup on your client's Pinpoint system as a recruiter, and have been assigned permissions to view the job that you want to add a candidate to. Your client can do this for you.

Note that the team at Pinpoint are unable to make any changes to client systems.

Add a candidate

First, browse to the navigation on the left hand side of your screen and select 'Manage Jobs' under the 'Jobs' section.

Locate the job you wish to add the candidate to and click on the job title to open it.

Next, click the '+ Add Candidate' button:

Fill in the candidate's information in the fields provided. The Personal Summary can be written by either the candidate or you. 

Upload their Resume/CV. This must be in either the format of .pdf, .doc or .docx. 

Once ready click the 'Submit Application' button. Note that you cannot edit this information once it's been submitted.

You will then be taken to the candidates new profile:

It will show in the lower left that the source of the application is you, along with the time stamp.


Q. Can other recruiters see my applicants?
A. No, a recruiter can only see the applicants they have submitted.

Q. If I write a comment about the candidate, who can see this?
A. Only the client can view this. Neither the candidate or other recruiters can see your comments.

Q. I can't see the job that I would like to add the candidate to.
A. Your client is responsible for managing permissions, so please liaise with them directly.

Q. How should I communicate with my client regarding a candidate?
A. You can add comments specific to a candidate in the comments section of Pinpoint, however you won't be able to view any comments that that client writes. In cases where you need a response from your client, we would recommend that you get in touch with them separately..

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