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How do I add a candidate as a Recruitment Agency?
How do I add a candidate as a Recruitment Agency?

Track your candidates' progress through the hiring process by adding them directly through Pinpoint's External Recruiter portal.

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If you are a Recruitment Agent working to deliver candidates to a company that uses the Pinpoint Applicant Tracking System, your client may request you drop candidates into the ATS directly via Pinpoint's External Recriuiter portal.

Doing so will allow you to track your candidates' progress through the hiring process.

How do I log in to a client's Pinpoint platform?

If your client has added you as an external recruiter to their Pinpoint platform, you will receive an email that will link you to the client's portal, where you can register and set up your password.

You can also access the portal at to login.

You'll be taken to your Pinpoint dashboard, where you can see the latest jobs you've been given access to, or see the entire list of jobs by clicking on the Manage Jobs option from the left hand menu. You can click on any job title to open the job's overview page, and from here, see candidate progress through the hiring process.

How do I add a candidate to a job?

While looking at a job's overview page, select the Add Candidates button and follow the instructions that follow.

Once added, you'll be shown their submitted information which looks like this:

You can add comments to the candidate's profile from the Comments tab.


How do I access the external recruiter portal if I have more than one client that uses Pinpoint?

If you already use Pinpoint with other clients and have a login, then you can log in normally with your existing Pinpoint login details. You'll be presented with a list of client platforms you have access to after logging in, and you can switch between them at any time by clicking on the company name in the top right of your screen.

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