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How Anonymized Screening Works
How Anonymized Screening Works

Use this feature to remove bias from your screening process

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Pinpoint's Anonymized Screening system allows your team to assess applicants exclusively on their experience, skills, and qualifications, while removing identity details that could introduce bias into the process recruitment process.

You can turn on Anonymous Screening on any Pinpoint vacancy. With it switched on, Pinpoint will obfuscate the candidate's application details, and redact the candidate's résumé, displaying a new version with key identifying details removed.

Only once a candidate has been invited to (and accepted) an interview, will the candidate's full details be revealed.

The Anonymous Screening feature is available on our Light, Plus or Unlimited plans. Speak to your Customer Success Specialist for more details.

Configuring the Redaction system

Pinpoint's redaction system can be adjusted so that certain items like education history can remain visible in the resume, or redacted. To set these options, navigate to the Profile menu under the company heading from Pinpoint's left hand navigation bar, and then select the Preferences tab at the top of the page.

Switching on Anonymised Screening

Anonymised screening is enabled on a job-by-job basis.

Step 1

With the job you wish to enable anonymous screening for visible in Pinpoint, press the Edit button, and then select Edit Job

Step 2

Scroll down to the settings section, and switch on Anonymized Screening.

Step 3

Don't forget to press the Save/Publish button to save this setting!

Now, when you view applicants for the role, their personally identifiable information will be obfuscated and their résumés redacted.

Once a candidate has been invited to interview, and they have accepted that invite, their real details will be revealed so that the team know who they'll be meeting!

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