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How to Send Candidate Data to PeopleHR
How to Send Candidate Data to PeopleHR

Once you've hired a candidate, this is how to push their data to PeopleHR

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If you use PeopleHR as your HR system, you can easily push the candidate data from Pinpoint to it. 

Caution: Once you push a candidate to PeopleHR if you have 'self service' turned on the candidate will get an automated email sent by PeopleHR, so we recommend turning this off beforehand, as it will likely cause confusion for the candidate.

Once you've decided to hire a candidate, you should move them to the 'Hired' stage in the hiring workflow. From there, click the candidates name.

Next, click the 'Actions' button (three small dots) then click 'Send to PeopleHR':

You will be presented with a simple form to fill in additional information that Pinpoint doesn't collect:

Once completed click the 'Send to PeopleHR' button.

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