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How do I manually add a Candidate to a Job?
How do I manually add a Candidate to a Job?

Easily add a candidate to a job manually and track their application process.

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Typically candidates will apply to your jobs through your jobs portal, however, there may be occasions when you need to manually add a candidate to a job.

Alternatively, you may have found a candidate you think may be a great fit for the role and want to reach out to them and track them like any other candidate through the application process before they’ve committed to formally applying.

It's important to ensure you have consent from the candidate to add them to your database.

Locate the job you wish to add the candidate to and click on the job title to open it.

Next, click the '+ Add Candidate' button:

Fill in the candidate's information in the fields provided. The Personal Summary can be taken from the candidates covering letter or from their resume if provided.

Upload their Resume/CV. This must be in either the format of .pdf or .docx. 

Once ready click the 'Submit Application' button. Note that you cannot edit this information once it's been submitted.

You will then be taken to the candidates new profile:

It will show in the 'Application Source' section that the candidate was manually submitted by you. 

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