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How do I reject a candidate or add them to my Talent Pipeline?
How do I reject a candidate or add them to my Talent Pipeline?

Reject candidates and add them to your Talent Pipeline for future consideration.

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First, browse to the navigation on the left hand side of your Pinpoint Admin Screen and select 'Manage Jobs' under the 'Jobs' section.

Locate the job that the candidate has applied for and click the job title to open it.

Once opened you should see the different stages in the hiring workflow. From here, you can find the candidate by either clicking the 'All Candidates' tab, or clicking the stage that they are currently in.
There are two stages to rejecting a candidate:

  1. Move them to the 'Rejected' stage. At this point no email is sent and Pinpoint will never automatically send a rejected email. You must always manually send it.

  2. Email them to inform them they have been rejected, using a pre-saved email template.

You can reject one or multiple candidates at once if you need too, from any of the tabs. Just tick the check box next to each candidates name as shown here:

Next, click 'Move Candidates' and then click 'Rejected':

You will be prompted to confirm you wish to carry out the action, click yes if you wish to proceed. Note that the candidate does not get notified - you will need to manually trigger an email in order to notify them.

An alternative method to reject a candidate is to do it from their application view, as follows. Click the candidates name from the candidates screen, to open their application. From here, you can change the stage to 'Rejected' as shown here:

Once you click 'Rejected' it immediately moves them to the 'Rejected' stage.

To return to the hiring workflow view, click the 'Candidates' button to go back to the candidates screen and see all candidates that are in the different stages:

You may now wish to email the candidate. Follow this help article to learn how: How to Email a Candidate

Add a Rejected Candidate to Your Talent Pipeline

Once you have chosen to reject a candidate you may wish to add them to your Talent Pipeline. This will enable you and your colleagues to consider them for a future role and invite them to it. We would suggest only adding candidates to your Talent Pipeline if you feel you would want to employ them in the future.

From the Hiring Workflow page, tick the box next to the candidates name, then click 'Invite to Talent Pipeline'.

Next, select which department you feel they are suited to and click 'Invite to Talent Pipeline':

The candidate will be sent an email requesting their permission to be added to the Talent Pipeline for those departments.

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