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Onboarding Steps

Define specific actions, content or data needed in onboarding

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Onboarding steps are divided into two parts: candidate steps and team member steps. In this article, we will discuss each step type in detail and explain how to create and edit steps. Steps are added to an Onboarding Process to define which actions need to take place.

What are Candidiate Steps?

Candidate steps are the steps that a candidate must complete before officially joining the company. These steps can include filling out paperwork, completing background checks, and attending orientation sessions. As a hiring manager, you can create candidate steps in the step library, which is a collection of pre-made steps that can be easily added to your onboarding process.

Candidate steps include

  • Stage Invites: It's a good practice to start each stage with this step to ensure the candidate can access the rest of the steps. This email will help them know how to access the onboarding platform.

  • Content: This step can display information to the new hire. Similar to our site builder, you can include text, images, testimonials, and videos.

  • Form: Gather information from the participant that can be used in other steps. Forms can include text, multiple-choice, signed documents, images, and more.

  • Assessments: Connect to a 3rd party assessment tool to add a specific assessment to your onboarding process.

  • Background Check: Ask a participant to complete a background check with a connected 3rd party and have the results synced to their Pinpoint account.

  • Send SMS: To make it more personal, send participants an SMS that includes dynamic content from one of their form submissions.

  • Send Email: Send the participant important information or notices.

What are Team Member Steps?

Team member steps are the steps that internal team members complete to assist in the onboarding process. This can include tasks that need to be completed, like adding the new hire to a system or emailing external partners to have them complete an action like adding the new hire to payroll.

Team member steps include

  • Team Member Actions: Steps that Pinpoint users should complete. These can include due dates and dynamic information from previous steps.

  • Team Member Emails: Great for communicating with external users or announcing new hires to the team.

How do I Create an Onboarding Step?

When creating a step from the Process builder, it is automatically added to the step library to save you time. You can view the step library and add more steps there if needed.

To create a step, click the "Create Step" button at the top right and follow the steps associated with each step type.

How do I edit an Onboarding Step?

When you edit a step, any process that uses that step will be updated as well. To edit a step, click on the three dots next to the step and select Edit.

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