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How do I generate a Pinpoint API key?
How do I generate a Pinpoint API key?

Create API keys to allow access to Create, Read, Update and/or Delete data within Pinpoint

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You need to have the Company Manager permission assigned to be able to generate a Pinpoint API key.

We've divided this guide into four parts:

Add the Pinpoint API to your Integrations

Go to Settings then Integrations.

Search for Pinpoint API and click Add.

Click the toggle that says Disabled one time, it should change to say Enabled.

You have successfully added the Pinpoint API to your integrations and enabled it! Now you need to make an API key.

Create a new API key

Click on Create New.

Enter a name for your API key, and go through each of the functions and choose which permissions you'd like to enable for this API key (Read / Write / Delete, options vary according to the function)

Once you're done, click Create API Key.

Review API key

This will bring you to this screen, where you can view your new API key.

Click on the eye icon to reveal your API key.

Click on the copy icon to copy your API key to your clipboard.

Be sure to keep your API key secure. Do not share your secret API key in publicly accessible areas such as GitHub, client-side code, and so forth. If you think at any point your API key has been compromised, please let us know and we can issue you with a new one.

Want to learn more?

We have full API documentation for developers here.

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