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Using the BreatheHR integration
Using the BreatheHR integration

Push any new hires made with Pinpoint directly into your BreatheHR account.

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This article is split up into 3 sections:

Set up the integration

Step 1: Create an API key in BreatheHR

In Breathe HR, go to Configure > Settings

Under Integrations, select API Setup.

Select Enable API.

Verify that you'd like to enable to the API to access user information.

Save the production API key - you'll need to enter this into Pinpoint.

Step 2: Enter the API key into Pinpoint

Go back to Pinpoint, and navigate to Settings > Integrations

In the integrations menu, click on the Apps button and then either search for, or scroll down to the BreatheHR integration. Click on the Add button for that integration.

Add in your BreatheHR API key into the field marked API key and click Save.

Click the Disabled toggle once, it should change to Enabled.

You have successfully set up your BreatheHR integration!

How do I send a candidate to BreatheHR?

Step 1

If they aren't already there, move the candidate you wish to add to your BreatheHR system into a Hired stage in a job's hiring workflow.

Step 2

Once they are there, open the candidate's profile and from the action button (three small dots) select the Send to Breathe option:

Step 3

Pinpoint will take you through a series of fields to fill in - we'll autofill as many fields as we can based on the data that candidates provided in their application. Check the values are correct, and then press Send to Breathe at the bottom of the form. Our system will send across the data and the candidate will now appear in BreatheHR.

Fields we sent to BreatheHR

  1. First Name (required)

  2. Last Name (required)

  3. Work Email (required) (note: If this employee's work email address is currently unknown, use their personal email address for now. This can be updated later in Breathe)

  4. Personal Email (optional)

  5. Personal Phone Number (optional)

  6. Birth Date (optional)

  7. Address 1 (optional)

  8. Address 2 (optional)

  9. Town / City (optional)

  10. Country (optional)

  11. Postcode (optional)

  12. Job Title (optional)

  13. Join Date (required) (note: The join date is required, but can be changed later in Breathe)

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