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How do I configure multiple data retention settings for my company's locations?
How do I configure multiple data retention settings for my company's locations?

Use differing data retention settings depending on a job's location

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Pinpoint's Data Retention policy settings allow candidate data to be removed from your system at timed intervals after an application is made, to help you comply with regulatory requirements such as GDPR and CCPA. If you recruit in multiple geographies that have differing data retention requirements, you can have retention settings on a per-location basis. To set up multiple policies, and assign them to locations in your company's organisation structure:

Step 1

From Pinpoint's left hand menu, select the Profile menu under the Company heading.

Step 2

Select the Data Protection tab to see the list of current Data Retention policies. There will be a single policy by default, which you can edit by clicking on the title. To create a new policy, select the New Policy button

Step 3

Give the policy a name and select the required retention and recent activity periods, and press the save button

Step 4

To assign this new policy to a location (or locations), select the Organisation menu under the Company heading from Pinpoint's left hand menu bar.

Step 5

Select the Structure tab at the top of the page, and then the Locations tab

Step 6

For the location who's policy you wish to change, select the More Options menu (the three small dots to the right) and then the Edit option

Step 7

From the Data Retention Policy field, select the policy you wish to apply to this location, and press the Save button

Step 8

With the setting saved, you'll see the New York location is now showing the correct Retention policy. You can repeat this process with any other locations that take the same policy.

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