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Can I edit more than one job at a time?
Can I edit more than one job at a time?

Select multiple jobs and edit their status or details in bulk

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You can adjust the details of multiple jobs at the same time from Pinpoint's Manage Jobs Page, including changing the settings or job details, or changing the job's status from open to closed etc.

Step 1

Select the Manage Jobs page from the left hand menu, and then select the Table View option to the right of the page

Step 2

With the table view open, select the jobs you wish to edit.

Step 3

From the bulk actions menu, you can edit the details of the selected jobs, edit their status (open, closed, archived) or delete the jobs.

Step 4

When editing multiple jobs, any values you change will be highlighted, and can be reverted back to their original values by pressing the reset icon to the right of the field.

Step 5

You'll be shown a summary of the changes you're making, and asked to confirm the changes before you save them.

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