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Using the Metaview Integration
Using the Metaview Integration
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Pinpoint integrates seamlessly with Metaview. This makes it possible for Metaview to automatically capture scheduled interviews in Pinpoint, so Metaview can provide AI-generated summaries.

To set up the Metaview integration, you need to:

  1. Generate a new Pinpoint API key

  2. Get your Pinpoint account subdomain

  3. Share the newly generated key and the subdomain with Metaview

Generate New Pinpoint API Key

Your API Key can be found within Pinpoint.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Integrations.

  2. If you don't already have Pinpoint API added, select Apps, search for Pinpoint API and click Add.

  3. From the Pinpoint API settings, select Create New. Name the key Metaview and add the following permissions:

    1. Application: Read

    2. Comment: Read and Write

    3. Interview: Read

    4. Job: Read

    5. Scorecard: Read

    6. User: Read

  4. Copy the API key.

This short video shows how to generate your API Key:

Get Your Pinpoint Account Subdomain

Copy your Pinpoint subdomain. This is the same subdomain you see when you log in to Pinpoint itself (

Share Pinpoint API Key and Account Subdomain with Metaview

Navigate to If you haven't previously signed in to Metaview, you will be prompted to do so. Enter the API key and subdomain into the corresponding fields.

After saving your changes, the integration process will start. This can take up to 48 hours to complete, and you will be emailed once the integration is successful.

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