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October 2023 New Features - Easier candidate management and communication
October 2023 New Features - Easier candidate management and communication

Effectively manage and communicate with candidates, including custom 'thank you' pages, expanded integration with HiBob, and more.

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This month we’re sharing updates that will make it easier to manage and communicate with candidates, including custom “thank you” pages, calendar invite statuses, and more.

Cover Letters

You can now ask your applicants to provide a cover letter as part of the application. You can view this letter inside Pinpoint's interface. It will even work in harmony with our Anonymised Screening system to obscure personally identifiable information from the document, keeping the process as fair as possible.

Expanded HiBob Integration

For teams that use HiBob, previously you could send certain fields from Pinpoint to Hibob. Now you can send much more from Pinpoint, including all candidate information, offer details, and downloads. You can even send information after onboarding, including a candidate’s onboarding form answers. A more seamless setup, in just a few steps. Learn more here.

Notify Employee Dashboard users of new jobs open to referrals

When creating a new job that's enabled for referrals, Pinpoint will automatically notify users of the opportunity to increase your reach. This is a valuable talent pool to take advantage of: Across 4.5 million applications on Pinpoint, we found that referrals are 7x more likely to be hired than candidates applying via job boards.

Block, Merge or Delete Candidate Profiles

You can now give certain Pinpoint users the ability to block candidates, delete all applications a candidate has made, or merge applications into a single candidate profile. Blocking candidates will discount any applications they submit, but will not inform the candidate that they have been blocked. Assign your users the Candidate Manager role to make this possible.

Onboarding Module: Specify answer formats in workflows

In onboarding forms, designate required answer formats for certain fields (bank numbers, post codes, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) to ensure you receive consistent data that can be shared across systems.

Separate data retention period for Hired candidates

Designate separate data retention periods for hired and non-applicants. Keep necessary data related to employees on file, while still following relevant data policies. To adjust the setting, visit the Company > Profile menu.

Other small but mighty changes:

Onboarding Module: Schedule emails and Tasks ahead of inviting candidates to their onboarding portal.

You can now schedule emails to be sent before a new hire receives their onboarding invite. Complete your tasks in advance, so new hires have everything they need for day one.

Customise the Thank You page

After a candidate presses submit on their application, they'll be shown a Thank You page. For anyone with the Careers Site Editor role assigned to them, they can now customise the wording on this page.

Offers move with applications

When moving a applications between jobs, any prior offers will move with them, in case you need to adjust the job they are hired to after the offer of employment is made. The ability to move candidates between jobs may need to be enabled for your platform, so reach out to our support team via the chat icon in the platform if you'd like this switched on.

German translation updates

For companies that are hiring in Germany, you now have the option to choose between formal or informal translations depending on your brand guidelines. For formal translations, select “German (Deutsch - Sie),” and for informal translations, select “German (Deutsch).”

Editable column names in Custom Reports

Edit the column names in custom reports to fit your internal terminology or to map onto other systems.

Interviews: See the status of a candidate's calendar event

Never leave an interviewer waiting again. See the status of an interviewee's calendar event from within the Interview stage of a hiring workflow.

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