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Using the Cappfinity Integration
Using the Cappfinity Integration

Send Cappfinity assessments through Pinpoint

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Pinpoint integrates with Cappfinity's platform, allowing you to send any candidate a Cappfinity assessment through Pinpoint. We will then show the status of the assessment and the total score when it becomes available.

This article is split up into 2 sections:

Setting Up

Step 1

In order to link your Pinpoint and Cappfinity accounts, you'll need to know your Cappfinity username and password.

Step 2

In Pinpoint, visit the Settings > Integrations menu

Step 3

In the integrations menu, click on the Apps button and then search for, or scroll down to, the Cappfinity integration. Click the Add button for that integration.

Step 4

Paste in your Cappfinity username and password, then press Save.

Step 5

Press the Disabled toggle in the top right corner until it reads Enabled

How do I send a candidate an assessment?

Step 1

Open the candidate's profile and from the action button (three small dots) select the Send Cappfinity assessment option:

Step 2

Pinpoint will then ask you to confirm the email address where you want the assessment to be sent, and also to choose which assessment you want to send to the candidate. This is populated from the assessment keys available in your Cappfinity account.

Additionally, you can tick the "Require extra time?" checkbox if extra time should be considered when taking timed assessments due to conditions such as dyslexia.

Step 3

Once you have sent an assessment, you will then see a new tab, named 'Assessments' showing current and completed assessments, with the assessment just sent having the "Pending" status.

Once the candidate has received or completed the assessment, Cappfinity sends back one of the following statuses:

  • PASS

  • FAIL




We also include a link through to the Cappfinity report so that you can see a more granular breakdown of how the candidate performed and decide on a verdict.

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