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How do I enable multiple languages on Pinpoint platform?
How do I enable multiple languages on Pinpoint platform?

Customize your candidate experience in multiple languages by enabling multilingual settings.

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By default, your Pinpoint platform will be set up to work in English, but thanks to our multilingual settings, you can have your candidate experience run in multiple languages, including

  • Your Careers Site

  • Job Descriptions and Application Forms

  • Candidate Emails and SMS

What does Pinpoint translate automatically?

We don't translate things 'automatically' exactly. We have pre-translated all of our default fields and content such as headings for standard items in the application form, original template emails, dropdown menu items for hard-coded settings like employment types etc, but for any dynamic content such as job descriptions and careers site content, you will need to provide the translations yourself, or our system will fall back to using the English version.

What do we need to have translated?

You need to provide translations for:

  • Template system emails, if you want to edit our default English template wording

  • Custom email templates (rejections etc)

  • Locations and Departments

  • Job Descriptions

  • Pre-screening questions

  • Careers site content

  • Candidate Surveys

  • Equality Monitoring Questionnaire

This guide is split into 2 parts

How do I enable the multilingual feature on my Pinpoint platform?

Step 1

From Pinpoint's left hand navigation menu, select the Profile button under the Company heading.

If you can't see this menu, you don't have the correct permissions to be able to change this setting and you will need to contact your business' Pinpoint administrator.

Step 2

You will land in the Details tab of the company's profile settings. Scroll down this page until you see the Languages section, and from here, tick a language from the list to enabled it.

If you don't see the language you require in this list, let your Customer Success Specialist know and we'll look to have it added.

Step 3

With the correct languages set, scroll to the bottom of the page and press the Save button

How do I add my translations to the system?

Job descriptions

  • Before you can add a job description in a language other than English, you need to have saved an english version, either as a draft or as a fully published job.

  • Once you have saved an English version, at the top of the Edit Job page, a dropdown menu will appear to show you which language version you are editing.


In the templates menu for each of the following, a language dropdown menu will allow you to edit the details in other languages:

  • Emails

  • Screening questions

  • Hiring workflow external stage details

  • Candidate interview instructions

  • SMS Templates

Locations & Departments

Location and department names can have translations added too, and this happens in the Company > Organisation menu, inside the Structure tab

Candidate Surveys

Candidate survey emails can be editing in multiple languages from the Candidate Surveys page under the Settings heading from Pinpoint's left hand navigation menu.

Careers Site Content

Unless you have been given direct access to the careers site editor during your onboarding, please pass this content to your Customer Success Specialist to add onto the site for you.

Equality Monitoring Survey

From the Templates menu, select the Equality Monitoring survey page. From here, select the Edit button, and then, select the language which you wish to add translations for.


Can you serve Pinpoint's internal user interface in different languages?

Not at this time. Any languages enabled are only reflected in places visible to candidates, such as the careers sites and in emails and SMS messaging.

How do you know when to show a different language to candidates viewing our careers site?

If you have enabled another language or languages, we select which language to show visitors based on the language setting of the web browser being used to view the careers site. If, for example, a candidate installed their web browser on a computer with the language set to French, we retrieve this information and automatically show the site in French when the candidate visits. If we can't determine the language to use, we default to English, but a visitor can manually choose to view a careers site in any of its configured languages by selecting one of them from the bottom of any page.

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