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Using the DocuSign Integration
Using the DocuSign Integration

Use your DocuSign templates directly in Pinpoint

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Our DocuSign integration allows you to use your existing DocuSign templates to send a candidate a DocuSign 'Envelope' (a collection of documents) from within Pinpoint.

There are 3 ways you can do this:

  1. Ad Hoc - At any point in a candidate's journey, from the Action menu (the three small dots) on their application profile.

  2. During the Offer process - You can opt to use DocuSign as your de-facto method of generating an offer. When creating the offer, you are prompted to select which DocuSign template you wish to send to the candidate

  3. During the onboarding process (if you use our Onboarding product) - You can choose the 'DocuSign' block as a question type

This guide is split into 2 parts:

Configuring the DocuSign Integration

Step 1

In Pinpoint, visit the Settings > Integrations menu

Step 2

In the integrations menu, click on the Apps button and then search for, or scroll down to, the DocuSign integration. Click the Add button for that integration.

Step 3

In order to link your Pinpoint and DocuSign accounts, you need to log in to your existing DocuSign account.

You will then see an option to pick your DocuSign company name and set whether you want to use DocuSign for your offer letters (this will replace the Pinpoint offer letter system if toggled on)

Starting a DocuSign workflow

1. Ad-hoc requests

An ad-hoc request is one that can be triggered at any point in the hiring process. You can access this option from the action menu on the application overview (as shown below)

On selecting this option, you will be presented with a basic form. Here you are asked to pick from your DocuSign templates. If you need a new template that isn't available, you'll need to log in to Docusign and create the template there first

After choosing your template, click 'Next: Edit tab info'. This will present you with a list of fields to complete. This will pre-populate the DocuSign envelope with any information that you want to supply

These fields are pulled directly from your DocuSign system (by their field_name). You can then click 'Send request' to start the process.

You will then see a new tab called 'DocuSign Documents' appear on the application overview

This tracks a few key details about the document and also its status. The candidate will receive the document immediately.

2. Offer Letters requests

After ensuring that you have Use DocuSign to send offer letters option toggled on in your integration settings, and making sure that your candidate is in the offer stage, you will then be asked to pick from a DocuSign template when you create an offer.

You will then also be asked to fill out the tabs in the same way as detailed under the 'Ad-hoc requests' section. The candidate will receive the document as soon as the offer has been sent.

Using during Onboarding (requires our Onboarding Module)

In the set-up for your onboarding workflow, select the 'DocuSign template' block. You will then be asked to pick the template, but crucially here you are not asked to provide the tab information as you'll instead be asked for that per candidate

Once you've selected the candidate you're about to onboard and chosen a workflow that includes a DocuSign template block, you'll be asked to supply the tab information here

Sending via onboarding differs to the other 2 methods in that it the candidate initiates the document being sent when they onboard as you will see in the screenshot below

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