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How do I request a new hire using the Requisition system?
How do I request a new hire using the Requisition system?

Request a new hire using the Requisition system and track the approval status in Pinpoint.

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The Requisitions feature is currently available on select plans. If you're interested in gaining access, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Prerequisite: You'll need to have the Requisition Manager role assigned to you in order for this process to be possible.

Step 1

From Pinpoint's left hand menu, select the New Requisition button

Step 2

Select whether you are requesting adjustment to the headcount on an existing open Pinpoint job, or whether you are creating a new requisition.

You'll be asked which template requisition form you want use, so pick the one that best applies to your requirements.

Step 3

Complete the details of the form as necessary, and then press the Request Approval

Step 4

When your request is either approved or rejected, you'll be notified of this via our Notifications system. It it's rejected, you'll be prompted to update the requisition with the correct details. If it's approved, it will show as approved in the dashboard, and you can then click the create new job button

You can check your requisitions and their status from the Requisition menu under the Jobs heading in Pinpoint's

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