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Rejecting Candidates via Workflow Automation
Rejecting Candidates via Workflow Automation

Use our workflow automation to speed up the process of screening candidates

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Pinpoint's Workflow Automation system, in conjunction with pre-screening questions, allows you to speed up the process of rejecting applicants based on the answers they give to the questions on your job application form.

For example, if you're a UK-based company and are only able to employ British citizens, you may add a question to your application form about whether the candidate has the right to work in the UK, and automate rejecting them if they do not.


There are a few prerequisites you'll need to be aware of when setting up this system.

  • The system is currently able to perform rejections based on answered given to Yes/No and multiple choice-type question specifically.

  • In order to pick out a question that can be used for automation, it will need to be a question that exists in your template questions list in the Templates area of Pinpoint.

  • You'll need to have the Company Manager role assigned to you to set up the automation, but anyone creating jobs will have access to use workflows once they are configured.

  • Workflow automation needs to be enabled on a job-by-job basis.

  • You'll need to have the workflow automation system enabled on your platform by your customer success specialist, so please reach out to them if you'd like to use it (there's no charge for using it)

This guide is split into 2 parts:

How do I set up Workflow Automation?

Step 1

Once you've had the system enabled by your Customer Success Specialist, from Pinpoint's left hand navigation bar, select the Templates page under the Settings heading.

Step 2

From the Templates menu, select the Workflow Automation Templates page, and click the Create New button on the right hand side.

Step 3

Give the particular automation you're working on a title, and continue scrolling down the page to fill in the required options.

You'll need to pick a trigger that starts the automation process, such as a New Job Application being received.

You'll need to pick some conditions that our system can check to decided what action to take, so here, we're asking the system to see how if the answer a candidate gave was Yes or No? You can add multiple conditions if you to check combinations of answers.

You'll then select what part of the system the subsequent action will take place on, so here, if we're rejecting someone, the target is a Job Application

And finally, you'll need to tell the system what action to take, so in this case, we're going to reject the application.

For rejections, you'll be asked which rejection email to send, which user of the platform it will come from, whether you'd like to tag the applicant in the process, and how long after the application the email should be sent to the candidate.

Step 4

With those options all filled in, our system will give you a summary of what's to take place, and once you're happy, you can go ahead and press the Create Workflow Automations button.

How do I add Workflow Automation to a job?

Step 1

Once you have set up your template questions and workflow automation templates, you can use them on a job from within the New Job or Edit Job menus in Pinpoint.

Step 2

You'll need to add the relevant template question to your job to match the questions that are to be checked by the automation

Step 3

You'll then be able to add the Automation for the question further down the page

Once those settings have all been put in place, you can publish or save the job and the automation will come into effect immediately.

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