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Using the ADP Workforce Now Integration
Using the ADP Workforce Now Integration

Push your candidate's details into ADP

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Pinpoint's ADP Workforce Now integration allows you to send your hired candidates' details into ADP

This help guide is divided into 2 parts:

Setting up Pinpoint's ADP Workforce Now Integration


You'll need to have the Company Manager role assigned to you in order for you to set up any integrations in Pinpoint.

Step 1

From Pinpoint's left hand navigation bar, select the Integrations option to go to the integrations setup page.

Step 2

Select the Apps tab at the top of this page, and then search for, or scroll down until you see, the ADP Workforce Now option. Once you have located it, click the Add button.

Step 3

To complete the setup with ADP, you'll need to get the ADP marketplace configuration token from this page.

Adding the integration in ADP's marketplace

Once you have set up the Pinpoint ADP integration and have a configuration token, the next step is to set up the ADP side.

Step 1

Visit ADP's Pinpoint integrations on their marketplace and select the Pinpoint Connector for ADP Workforce Now:

Step 2

During the 'Buy Now' steps you will be asked to enter your configuration token which will be the token you created within the Pinpoint platform

Continue through the rest of the ADP marketplace checkout steps to complete purchase.

How do I send a candidate to ADP Workforce Now?

Step 1

Go to the Hired Candidate you want to export to ADP Workforce Now and select the actions menu (ellipsis icon) and select Send to ADP Workforce Now

Step 2

This will open a modal where you will need to select the onboarding template you want to use. Select the template and click Send

Note - If the application has already been exported you will receive a message stating the application was already exported with the date and time stamp on which this happened

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