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How do I assign a Recruitment Manager?
How do I assign a Recruitment Manager?

Assign recruiters to vacancies and manage their workload.

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Pinpoint allows you to assign any user of the platform as a job's Recruitment Manager. When a user is added to the Recruitment Manager seat for a vacancy, it's possible to filter the list of jobs and the insight and reporting data by that Recruitment Manager so that you as an administrator can better manage their workload.

How do I assign a recruiter to a vacancy?

When creating a new vacancy, the option to assign the Recruitment Manager will be listed in the Job's detail section.

For any jobs already open, you can add the Recruiter from the job's overview page or the Edit > Edit Job menu

How do I see the roles assigned to my recruiter?

From the Manage Jobs page, you are now able to filter the list of jobs by the Recruitment Manager

Can I see recruiter statistics anywhere?

You can use the filters on any of Pinpoint's Insights pages to filter the results by a particular Recruiter

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