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How can I collect a candidate's gender pronouns?
How can I collect a candidate's gender pronouns?

Enable the Gender Pronouns section in your Equality Monitoring options to collect and display pronouns in a candidate's profile.

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Pinpoint's equality monitoring system now includes a category for Gender Pronouns, and if this section is completed by a candidate, we'll show those pronouns along side their name in their candidate profile.

Step 1

In order to switch this system on, just enable the Gender Pronouns section of your Equality Monitoring options, which you can find in the Company > Profile menu.

Step 2

From this page, click on the Equality Monitoring tab,

Step 3

Locate the pronouns section, and choose Show from the action menu (three small dots). If you wish to customise the possible answers candidates can pick from, you can do this by clicking on the Name of category.

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