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What are the options for scheduling interviews with candidates?
What are the options for scheduling interviews with candidates?

Explore the various options available for scheduling interviews with candidates.

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When inviting candidates to an interview, there are several options for how the interview is scheduled with a candidate. Our system will run you through them in order, but we'll discuss them in more detail here.

After clicking the Interview button on a candidate's profile (or from an interview stage view) you'll be presented with the Invite to Interview page. Here, you'll run through a series of steps to get invites out to candidates.

Step 1

Select the Interview Workflow Stage for the interview you're inviting the candidate too. This tells the system which interview template you'll be using. If the candidate hasn't already been moved into this workflow stage, they will be moved there once the invite has been sent out.

Step 2

Select whether you will pick a time for the interview on the candidate's behalf, or whether the candidate will pick their own time using our self-scheduling system.

Step 3

Select whether some or all of the listed interviewers need to attend this interview. For example, you may have 4 interviewers capable of performing this interview, but only 1 of them actually needs to attend each interview, in which case you can list all 4 names here, and when candidates pick a time for interview, our system will decide which of the 4 interviewers is assigned to it, based on their availability and their current interview load.

Step 4

Choose who's on the interview team. This can be a single person, or multiple people. For the Video Conferencing interview type, you'll also need to select a conferencing host for this interview and platform for the interview.

Step 5

If you're picking a fixed time and date to meet with the candidate, you can use the time picker directly...

...or, if the interviewer or interviewers have their calendars sync'd with Pinpoint, you can check their availability to see when they're free to conduct the interview.

If you're allowing the candidate to self-schedule a time for interview you can use the interview team's collective availability based on their availability rules, and/or their live calendar availability if they have the calendars sync'd with the platform. With this option, you also need to decide how far into the future from today's date they will be able to see interview slots based on that availability.

Or, if you don't want to use automatically-calculated availability you can define slots by adding availability to the Interview Slots page (this will be familiar for those that used Pinpoint before October 2021)

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