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Using the JotForm integration
Using the JotForm integration

Use JotForm to send out custom surveys to your candidates

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Pinpoint integrates with the JotForm online survey platform, allowing you to survey your candidates on any topic and have the responses they give displayed directly within their profile in Pinpoint.

Please note:

  • You will need to have the role of Company Manager assigned to you in Pinpoint in order to setup the integration.

  • You will need access to your JotForm account with Administrator privileges.

This article is split into 4 main parts:


In order for your Pinpoint and JotForm accounts to communicate with each other correctly, there are 3 pieces of information the systems will exchange, and you'll need to get or set them.

  1. In JotForm, you will need to create an API key (a kind of password) for Pinpoint to use to access your JotForm data. Click here to see how to do that. We need 'Read Access' only.

  2. In JotForm, You will need to set a standard 'Unique Name' for the part of your JotForm surveys that ask a candidate for their email address. We recommend using emailaddress or similar.

    The email address enables Pinpoint to identify the candidate when they complete a survey, and correctly attribute the answers they give to their profile in our system. The Unique Name may be different on any new surveys you create in JotForm, so you must always check and set this name to be the same as the one you enter into Pinpoint during the setup process. There's a full guide from JotForm on how to set the Unique Name for a field here.

  3. In Pinpoint, you will need to get a WebHook URL for any job that you want to survey candidates about. When a candidate completes a survey, JotForm sends a message to the WebHook to tell us a survey has been completed, and the URL's address tells JotForm which Pinpoint job the survey relates to. This in turn makes sure we list the answers that candidates give on the correct job application, in case they have applied to your company more than once. We'll come on to how to find the WebHook for your jobs shortly.

Setting Up

Step 1: In Pinpoint, Navigate to the Integrations page under the Settings heading in Pinpoint's main navigation bar.

Step 3: Click on the Apps tab (A) at the top of the page, and either search for, or scroll down until you locate the JotForm integration. When you've located it, click the Add button (B)

Step 4: You'll be taken to the JotForm configuration page. In here, paste your JotForm API key into the API Key field.

Step 5: You'll need to make sure your JotForm surveys include a section that asks the recipient for an email address, and that the field's Unique Name in JotForm is set to the same Unique Name as the one you supply to Pinpoint. When you have established what name you'll use for this, you'll need to add it here. This name is Case Sensitive, so it must be exactly the same as the one in JotForm, including any capital letters etc.

Step 6: Once that is done, click the Save button at the bottom of the page to store the details, then toggle the disable/enable switch on this page until it reads Enabled.

Step 7: Next, we're going to get the WebHook. Navigate to the overview page of the job you want to survey candidates on, click on the Share button, and then Social (you can also do this for Talent Pipeline candidates by clicking on the Talent Pipeline button under the Candidates menu heading)

Step 8: Towards the bottom of the Share page, there will be a JotForm WebHook URL. Copy this URL to the clipboard.

Step 9: Back in JotForm, from within the Form Builder for the survey you want to send out to candidates, click on the Settings Menu (A), then the Integrations Tab (B). Search for, or scroll down to the WebHook integration, and click on it to open the WebHook Configuration page (C).

Step 10: Finally, in the WebHook configuration page, paste your job's WebHook URL and press the Complete Integration button. And that's it. Now, when a candidate completes a JotForm survey, their answers will be listed in their Pinpoint profile.

How do I send a candidate a JotForm survey?

In order to send candidates a survey, you will need to give them the URL of the survey, which you will need to get from JotForm when you publish it.

As the links are not unique to any particular candidate, you can send the same link to as many candidates as you like, and we will identify their unique answers from the email address they use on the survey (so it will need to be the same email address they used to apply to the job in Pinpoint).

You could add this link to any of the email templates in the Pinpoint system, such as the 'Application Received' email, which is sent to the candidates as soon as they've finished applying for a role with you. Or, you could email the candidates directly from within their Pinpoint profile, and include the link in the email.

Where do I see a candidate's answers to JotForm Surveys?

As long as a candidate used the same email address when they filled in the form, as they did when they applied to a job in Pinpoint, the answers they gave will appear in the 'Application' section of their Pinpoint profile, below any personal details and pre-screening questions they answered.

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