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How do I add Departments and Locations in Pinpoint?
How do I add Departments and Locations in Pinpoint?

Organize your vacancies and manage user permissions effectively by adding Departments and Locations in Pinpoint.

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In order to keep all of your vacancies organised and to manage user permissions effectively, Pinpoint uses a system called Organisation Structure.

Organisation Structure in Pinpoint is made up of 3 parts.

  • Locations

  • Departments

  • Relationships, which describe which locations have which departments in

For example, you may have a Marketing department that exists in both your London and New York offices. In this instance, you create the 2 locations, a single Marketing department, and then link the department to both the London and New York offices.

Once your structure has been created, you'll be able to create new vacancies in the platform and assign them a location and department so that they display correctly on your careers sites and any linked job boards. You can also then give users access to jobs in a specific location, or within a department at a specific location.

Step 1 - Add Locations

Note: You will need the Company Manager role within Pinpoint to create and edit the Organisation structure.

From the main Pinpoint navigation, select 'Organisation' under the 'Company' section.

Go to the Locations tab and click '+ New' to add more in:

Ensure you fill out the info to the best of your ability - if you're linking to Indeed then they require this:

Step 2 - Add Departments

Go to the departments tab, press the + New button and add in your departments:

A relationship needs to be added before departments or locations will appear when creating a job.

Step 3 - Add Relationships

1. Go to the relationships tab:

2. Click '+ New' and create a relationship between a department and location:

Now when you create a job you will have the correct departments and locations to choose from:

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