Pinpoint is now supported by a Chrome Extension which allows you to create candidate profiles from platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook directly from Google's Chrome web browser.

To use the extension, add it to your browser from the Chrome web store at this link.

You will then find the extension on the top right of your browser.

Click on the extension on the relevant page and you will be prompted to login using your Pinpoint login credentials.

You will then be able to complete the form by filling out the candidate's details with 'First Name', 'Last Name' and 'Email Address' required.

You can also include the candidate's Phone, LinkedIn URL and Address.

Next, you can click 'Check Pinpoint' which will search your current database for the candidate based on the information provided.

You will then have the option to click on the linked text to be taken to the candidate's profile.

If they are not in your current database you can either add them to your Talent Pipeline by selecting the appropriate Location and Department or add them to an existing job.


Once you are ready, you can then click 'Add to Pinpoint' and the candidate profile will be created.

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