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How do I manage my notifications in Pinpoint?
How do I manage my notifications in Pinpoint?

Customize the type and channel of notifications you receive in Pinpoint.

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Pinpoint offers you the opportunity to customise both the type of notifications you receive, and the channel through which you receive them, be it 'In App' directly in the platform, via an email, or through your Slack workspace (click here to find out how to set up Slack with Pinpoint).


You may want to be informed of events across all the roles that you have visibility permission over, whilst also getting slightly more information on roles that you are actively part of the hiring team for. To facilitate this, we have 3 systems for notifications:

  • Global - Notifications that apply to all jobs you have permissions to view in the platform

  • Favourites - You can mark any job as a favourite from the Manage Jobs page by clicking the star icon next to the job's title, and have a set of notifications that only apply to these jobs

To Access Your Notification Settings:

Click on your initials or avatar picture in the top right hand side of the Pinpoint screen, and from the menu that appears, chose Settings and then navigate to the Notifications Tab.

The Global tab looks like this.

  • The Global settings apply to all jobs you have visibility over within the platform, which for those with whole location or whole company privileges may run into the hundreds of jobs

  • You can click on any of the toggle switches to turn on a particular notification in any of the channels, or use the All toggle at the top of each section to turn all notifications on or off in that channel.


The favourites system in Pinpoint allows you to assign specific notifications to any jobs you have marked as a favourite in the platform.

These jobs can have a customised set of notifications, which is set in the Favourites tab within the Notifications settings. At any time, you can revert the favourites notifications to match your global settings by pressing the Reset Settings button.

You can also look at which jobs you have favourited by clicking on the View Favourite Jobs button, which will reveal them in a pop up list like this:

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