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A short guide on how to setup a Slack integration

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Responding to candidates quickly is essential to getting great candidates before they are hired by one of your competitors. Our Slack integration allows you to keep on top of candidate flow, by having notifications sent directly to Slack.

Connecting Slack to Pinpoint is a 2 part process. First, you will need to connect your company Slack workspace to the Pinpoint system. Then, anyone who wishes to receive Pinpoint notifications into their Slack system will need to connect their individual accounts.

Please note: To enable the Slack integration, you will need to have the Company Manager role assigned to you in Pinpoint.

How do I connect Slack to Pinpoint?

1. From the left hand navigation bar in Pinpoint, select the Integrations page under 'Settings' in your Pinpoint side panel. Then click on the Apps tab at the top.

2. Search for, or scroll down, until you find the Slack integration option, and press Add.

3. The Slack integration page will open. From here, click on the Add to Slack button.

3. If you are already logged into Slack, you'll be asked to allow Pinpoint access to your company's slack account (and if you're not the company's Slack administrator, you may be asked to request this permission from your team first). If you're not already logged into Slack on your browser, you will be redirected to log in before you continue.

4. Once you have successfully configured the access to your company slack account, you'll be taken back to the integrations page, and slack will now be configured for use, but not enabled.

To enable Slack, click on the Slack integration from the list again, and when the Slack options appear, make sure the Notifications box is ticked, and the toggle on the top right says Enabled and then press the Save button.

Pinpoint and Slack are now connected, but it is now up to individual users to log into Pinpoint and connect the own individual Slack accounts to Pinpoint before they can start to receive notifications from our system.

Individual set up

1. In the top right hand corner of the Pinpoint screen, click on your initials or avatar picture, and from the menu that appears, choose Settings. From this page, click on the Integrations tab.

2. Click on the Connect to Slack button, and as long as your slack email address is the same as your Pinpoint user email address, slack will connect your account to Pinpoint automatically.


My Slack email address and Pinpoint email address are different though?

a) In this case, press the button 'Slack user could not be found with my email address?' The below screen will open with some instructions on how to manually link your pinpoint and slack accounts:

Please note: the Slack email address you provide in the box also has to exist in the company Slack workspace otherwise an error message will be displayed informing the user that the Slack user could not be found.

b) Once you provide your Slack email address and press send, you'll get an email to verify. You will then be redirected to the user settings integrations page and can continue to manage your slack settings.

What notifications are sent to me on Slack?

You can configure any notification that's available in Pinpoint to notify you in Slack. If you want to learn how to change which notifications you receive, you can read more about notifications here.

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