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How to Create & Send SMS Text Messages to Candidates
How to Create & Send SMS Text Messages to Candidates

Learn how to use our SMS text messaging feature

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Send SMS text messages to candidates to communicate with them at the right time, keep them engaged, and ensure they have everything they need ahead of an interview.

This feature works 'out of the box'. This means it's turned on by default and there's no configuration required. You do not currently need to setup an account with a third party and there is currently no charge for using this feature.

Note that the name displayed to the candidate has a maximum character limit of 11 characters. Please check you are happy with how this is presented before you send any text messages. You can edit this by clicking 'Profile' under the 'Company' section in the main menu and then editing the 'Sender Name' field as shown here:

How to send SMS text messages

There are two types of messages you can send:

  1. Auto generated messages based on a certain trigger (we call these 'Standard' messages.

  2. Manually sent messages by you (we call these 'Custom' messages)

Auto generated messages

Currently there are two auto generated messages:

  1. Interview Confirmation - this is sent as soon as the candidate has scheduled their interview using the built-in interview scheduling functionality.

  2. Interview Reminder - this is sent at a set number of days before the interview, when using the built-in interview scheduling functionality.

At the bottom of the interview 'Configuration' page locate the section called 'SMS Reminders':

From here you can choose to switch on either of the two SMS messages for the interview and when they should be sent. You'll also see a preview of what these will look like to the candidate.

Custom messages

You can send these individually (to one one person) or to multiple people. From the list of candidates tick the candidate(s) who you wish to send the SMS message to as shown here:

Next, click 'Send SMS' as shown above.

You'll be presented with a pop up window which looks like this:

From here you can choose an existing custom template, or simply type in your message from scratch. You can use variables in here to personalize the message, for example you can insert the candidate's first name as shown in the above.

When ready hit 'Send' to send the message.

Create and Edit SMS Templates

You can create your own templates for ad-hoc useage.

You can also edit the standard templates which are used as part of a system function.

From the main menu, under 'Settings' click 'Templates', the below page will appear:

Click '+ Create New' and the below screen will appear where you can create a 'Custom SMS':

Or you can edit a current template by clicking on the template name:

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