Scorecards are used to score each candidate at each stage of the interview process. In Pinpoint a system administrator, usually the HR team, will assign a scorecard, or multiple scorecards to each interview stage. For example, in an initial phone screen you might be assessing cultural fit and as such the scorecard that's assigned to this stage is one which has cultural fit metrics for you to score.

How to fill in a scorecard

When you open up the candidate's profile, head to the 'Scorecards' tab as shown below. You will be presented with the scorecards that've been assigned for the interview stage that the candidate is currently at, but if you wish you can change this to the scorecard(s) for a different interview stage using the dropdown in the upper right. You are also able to change the reviewer to see what other people have rated the candidate, as shown below:

Click on each metric to record your feedback. You can change your responses at any time. Each member of the hiring team fills in their own scorecard.

If the scorecard has questions embedded in it (this would be set by your HR team usually), then you'll see these underneath each section of the scorecard as shown below. These are questions to ask the candidate, and you'll see a text box beneath for you to fill in your comments related to the question.

There is also a 'Notes' text box at the bottom of each scorecard where you can type up general notes about the interview.

Comparing completed scorecards

Once members of the hiring team have completed their scorecards, you can view the average for each candidate by opening the job, then clicking 'Scorecards' as shown below. This will enable you to view the average ratings for each scorecard.

You can click on any of the 'Feedback' buttons to read the written feedback that members of the hiring team have given in either the question comments or the general notes sections:

You can filter the table to show feedback for a specific interview stage only as shown here:

From here you can also filter for a certain scorecard metric, which will show the strongest candidates first (top left) and the weakest candidates last (bottom right).

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