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How do I fill in and review Scorecards?
How do I fill in and review Scorecards?

Learn how to effectively fill in and review scorecards for candidates in Pinpoint to create a structured and objective selection process.

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Scorecards are a great way to create a structured, standardised way of assessing a candidate, helping you be more objective and removing bias from your selection process.

In Pinpoint, a system administrator will assign various scorecards to stages in the workflow a candidate moves through during the hiring process, and you'll be tasked with filling in those scorecards.

How to fill in a scorecard

From Pinpoint's dashboard, click on the name of the candidate you are interviewing, or follow the link in the interview's calendar event, which will take you to Pinpoint's Interview Overview page.

From within the interview overview, you can locate the scorecards to be completed for the interview in question in the left hand column.

Click on any of the metrics to score the candidate, and you can change your score as you go if you need to.

If you have full candidate access, you can also fill in and review scorecards from within a candidate's profile, by navigating to the Scorecards tab.

Comparing completed scorecards

To view and compare scorecards for your candidates, you can click on the Scorecards tab at the top of any job's overview page. Candidates are presented from highest scores to lowest, top left to bottom right. You can use the filters to show the scores for a particular stage or scorecard.

You can click on any of the 'Feedback' buttons to read the written feedback that members of the hiring team have given in either the question comments or the general notes sections:

How do I see who has filled in a scorecard?

If you have full candidate profile access, you can use the All Scorecards tab inside the candidate's profile to quickly see all the scorecards filled out for the candidate by other users of the platform.

You can expand any section to see the details of the how the scorecard was completed.

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