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How can I find my unique referral links for employee referrals?
How can I find my unique referral links for employee referrals?

Find your unique referral links for employee referrals and track the status of applications made using your links.

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If you're reading this, it's likely your company has set up a candidate referral scheme using Pinpoint, allowing them to mark jobs as eligible to receive candidates referred directly by their existing employees, and track and pay any required referral bonuses accordingly.

Our referral system does this by giving each employee of the company a set of links to the company's vacancies that are unique to each employee.

Any application made with one of your links will automatically attribute the source of the application to you, which in turn helps your recruitment team track and pay out any referral bonuses the company are offering.

How do I find my unique links to share?

You can find your unique referral links in Pinpoint's Employee Dashboard.

Your company will have sent you a link to give you access or sign yourself up to the referral system, so if you haven't had that yet, contact your company's HR or Talent Acquisition team.

If you've signed up to the referral system before, you can log in by signing into Pinpoint at

If you have access to Pinpoint's interface as part of your job, you can access the referral links by clicking on your initials in the top right hand corner of the Pinpoint window, selecting Employee Dashboard

Once you are in the Employee Dashboard, you can see all the roles available for referral by clicking on the Referral Roles button in the left hand menu

This page will show you each role individually, and allow you to copy a link to each individual role that's eligible to receive referrals.

Alternatively, you can get if you go to the My Referrals page, and get a link that will take candidates to the company's careers page, allowing them to pick out a suitable role to apply for, while still tracking you as the referrer.

This page also allows you to see the status of any applications made using your links.

Our Employee Referral feature is currently available on select plans. If you're interested in gaining access, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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