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How to Delete a Candidate
How to Delete a Candidate

Learn how to remove an applicant from your system

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You may wish to delete a candidate from your system, for example they may be a duplicate application, they may have applied to the wrong job, or one of your system users might have added them to the wrong job. 

Fortunately deleting a candidate can be done in a couple of clicks. but please note that this action is permanent.

Delete a candidate from a job

Whilst in the candidate profile click the 'Actions' button as shown below and then click 'Delete Candidate':

Note that this action cannot be undone.


Delete a candidate from your Talent Pipeline

Whilst in the Talent Pipeline, tick the box next to the candidate you wish to delete and then click the 'Remove' button that appears at the top of the table as shown here:

Note that this action cannot be undone.

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