Blind hiring helps you to assess applicants exclusively on their experience, skills and qualifications, and remove bias from the recruitment process. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to use it:

  • Reduce the risk of bias (conscious or unconscious) in hiring decisions.
  • Demonstrate that you take discrimination seriously.
  • Diversify your workforce.
  • Avoid overlooking great candidates by accident.
  • Hiring team can focus on factors critical to successful performance.

Within Pinpoint you can turn on ‘Blind Recruitment’ for a specific job. Pinpoint will read the data submitted in applications and resumes and present it so that personally identifiable information is removed.

You can share candidate profiles with your hiring team who will assess applicants but won’t see their name, address, race, age, gender or photo.

When ready, your team will invite successful applicants to interview, after which their data is fully visible.

Follow these steps to turn on blind hiring for any specific job vacancy.

Click 'Manage Jobs' on the left hand navigation menu. 

Then, locate the job you wish to edit and click the three dots to the right, then click 'Edit':

Scroll down to the 'Enable Blind Screening' check box and tick it. Then click 'Update' at the bottom of the page.

Now, when you view applicants for the role, their personally identifiable information will be obfuscated.

In the candidate list view, you'll see the following:

When viewing a candidates profile, you'll see the following. We've underlined hidden fields in red just for this screenshot:

Note that after yo've invited a candidate to interview, their data will no longer be obfuscated.

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