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Does Pinpoint Automatically Delete Candidate Data After A Certain Period?
Does Pinpoint Automatically Delete Candidate Data After A Certain Period?

Pinpoint automatically removes a candidate's personally identifiable information after a set time to comply with data protection laws.

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To help you remain compliant with data protection laws including GDPR and CCPA, Pinpoint has built-in functionality that automatically removes a candidate's personally identifiable information after they have been in your system for a set period of time (known as a Retention Period).ย 

You can adjust the Retention Period and other data protection settings in Pinpoint by navigating to the Profile page, under the Company heading in Pinpoint's main left hand navigation bar.

From this page, select the Data Protection tab

You'll have the option to set the length of the retention period that dictates how long candidate data will remain in your system from the point they are added.

Recent Activity Period

Once the retention period is over for a particular candidate, we then check whether there has been any recent interaction with that candidate (including comments made on their profile, scorecards filled in, emails sent or received etc). How far we look back depends on the length of the Recent Activity Period. If there has been any interaction during that time, we'll continue to keep the candidate's details on file for the length of the recent activity period again, from the point of the last interaction.

So, for example, with your retention period set to 12 months and your recent activity period set to 3 months, if there had been a last email sent to the candidate 10 months into that timeframe, the candidate would remain in the system for 3 months from the last interaction at 10 months in, so after 13 months total time in the platform.

If there is more interaction with the candidate during this period, the countdown resets to the length of the recent activity period again.

Hired Data Retention Period

Some clients have a need to retain the details of hired candidates for longer periods of time than other candidates, so the system also allows you to select a retention period for candidates that have been moved into the Hired stage of a hiring workflow.

When you've made changes to these setting don't forget to press the Update button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Retention Period and Talent Pipeline

For candidates in your Talent Pipeline, 1 month before the end of their retention period, they will be emailed to ask if they wish to remain in your system for another lenght of the retention period again.

Additionally, the candidate can manually erase their data by clicking 'GDPR' at the bottom of your careers portal and using the 'Manage My Data' tool.

What information is deleted at the end of the retention period?

All personally identifiable information about an applicant is removed from the platform, with only an anonymous stub left behind to make sure your reporting and platform insight statistics aren't affected.

We recruit in multiple geographies. Can we have different data retention settings for different parts of the organisation?

You can vary data retention periods by location. By default, your listed locations will take the default settings, but you can add multiple policies and then choose which policy should apply to which location. See this guide for further details on setting up multiple data retention periods.

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