When you create a new job within Pinpoint, you have the option to include additional questions. These questions can form part of your selection process that they need to answer correctly in order for you or a hiring manager to consider them for example 'Do you have a driving license?'

We have designed the application process as such to create a positive candidate experience, as research indicates that in the long term this will enhance your brand reputation and ultimately result in higher quality candidates making the decision to apply.

Therefore we want to remove as much friction as possible in the application form, so we don't restrict applications from proceeding based on answers provided by the candidate. 

Whilst a candidate may be unsuitable for the vacancy they initially applied for, they might be the perfect candidate for a vacancy that comes up in the future. Having them in your pipeline means you can quickly and easily approach them about that new vacancy.

If you want to either remove them from view or to reject them after they've applied, you can use a handy filter as shown here to filter candidates based on the answer to a question: 

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