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Using our Verified First integration
Using our Verified First integration

How to use the Verified First integration

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Verified First is a different integration to most Pinpoint integrations. This has been built by Verified First themselves and uses a browser extension. This extension then adds a Verified First button on the Pinpoint applicant page which then will trigger the opening of the extension when pressed.

Install the Verified First browser extension for your selected browser. This integration works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. You can download the Verified First browser extension here.

Once logged in, a green Screen with Verified First button will populate within Pinpoint's platform on the right-hand side.

When you select Place New Order, it will open a sidebar that will request you to fill in the necessary information to complete the background check order.

Once a check has been ordered, Verified First will notify you of completion. The button within Pinpoint will also update, showing the status of an order.

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