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Using the Appcast Integration
Using the Appcast Integration

Use Appcast's programmatic job advertising to place job adverts for your Pinpoint jobs, learning and refining as it does so.

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Pinpoint's integration with Appcast allows you to connect your Pinpoint jobs with Appcast's programmatic job advertising system. Appcast use software and data to ensure your online job ads are in front of the right people, at the right time, at the best possible price. You can read more about Appcast here.

Once configured, you can select which jobs to use with appcast from within the Pinpoint interface when creating new jobs, or editing existing ones.

How the Appcast Integration Works

Tracking pixels

  • Appcast place tracking pixels on both the job pages and the application confirmation page within you career's site. This allows them to monitor number of job visits as well as application conversion rate

XML Job Feed

  • Once the integration is enabled, we provide an XML feed that you provide Appcast so they can ingest the jobs you have opted to promote via Appcast

    • This will be in the following format: https://[your_company]

Server side hiring events

  • Once the integration is enabled and the client ID & ENT ID is added, we will send hire events back to Appcast to allow them to better optimise their promotion of your jobs

Tracking Pixels

Step 1:

Your Appcast account manager should be able to provide you with 2 tracking pixels and your Client ID number. These are small snippets of code that will need to be inserted on you careers site

  1. One pixel is for tracking visits to the job page

  2. The other pixel is to send a signal that a successful application has been made

Step 2:

Please provide these tracking pixels to your Pinpoint CSM who will implement these pixels

NB: If your careers site is not hosted by Pinpoint, you will need to provide these to the development team that manage your careers site as we will not have access to implement these tracking pixels.

Connecting Pinpoint to Appcast

Step 1:

In order to connect Pinpoint to your Appcast account, you will need your Appcast Client ID, which you can get from your Appcast account manager.

​Step 2:

Once you have been given your Client ID/Key, in Pinpoint, visit the Settings > Integrations menu

Step 3

In the integrations menu, click on the Apps button and then search for, or scroll down to, the Appcast integration. Click the Add button.

Step 4

Add your client key to the setup fields, and press the Save button.

Step 5

After saving, press the disabled/enabled toggle until it reads Enabled

Step 6

You must now provide your XML feed to your appcast account manager so that they can start ingesting your jobs into their platform from Pinpoint. This will be in the following format: https://[your_company]

How do I select which jobs to use with Appcast?

From the New Job page, or while editing an existing job, you can switch on the Appcast toggle to include the job in the feed of your jobs that is sent to Appcast for your account.


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