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November 2023 New Features - Anonymized Hiring, Offer Templates, Custom Reporting and CV Library Integration
November 2023 New Features - Anonymized Hiring, Offer Templates, Custom Reporting and CV Library Integration

Filterable reports, candidate management, requisitions visibility, and integration with CV Library.

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Anonymized Hiring: Resume Redaction

Protect against unconscious bias with Pinpoint’s improved resume redactor. Our AI-powered tool allows you to review resumes in their original format, while anonymizing potentially biasing fields.

Offer management: Offer template uploads, add documents to hiring stages, improved tracking, and bulk sends

Manage offers your way. This month, we’ve updated offer templates so your team can upload word documents using your own design, including header and footer content. You’ll wow candidates from the moment they say “yes.”

You can bulk send offers to 100 candidates at once, which will reduce admin if you are hiring for multiple people in the same role. If an offer has been rejected, you can track that in reports.

Reporting: Filter reports by custom fields and build custom dashboards

When exporting custom reports, you can now filter based on your company’s custom fields for more precise and digestible data.

And in case you missed it, this month we launched Pinpoint Insights Hub. Create custom dashboard reports based on all your Pinpoint data in the new Insights Hub. With the easy-to-use builder and advanced filtering options, you can access the exact data you need, quickly. Share these beautiful reports with your team to keep them up-to-date on progress towards your recruitment goals.

Candidate management: Get a historical record across jobs

When moving candidates between one job and another, Pinpoint will automatically carry over historical comments, tags, and messages by default. This allows your team to see a full record of all previous interactions with the candidate to make it easier for your team to give them a better experience and make informed hiring decisions.

Requisitions: Increase visibility for hiring managers

Keep hiring managers and other stakeholders in the loop from day 1. We’ve added a new requisition viewer role, so key members on your team can see requisitions after they are submitted.

Once the job is created, the job information page in Pinpoint will link back to the original requisition so you have a record of what the need was, who requested the role, and more.

New Integration: CV Library

Pinpoint now integrates with CV-Library. CV-Library is the UK's largest independent job board. Advertise roles to over 19.3 million candidates and find the right candidates for your open roles.

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