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Using the CV-Library Integration
Using the CV-Library Integration

Use Pinpoint's CV-Library integration to post your jobs directly to CV-Library, and have candidates apply using CV-Library's DirectApply

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Pinpoint's integration with CV-Library allows you to post your open vacancies from Pinpoint directly onto CV-Library's job board from within the Pinpoint interface. Any candidates that view the posting can apply to the job without leaving the CV-Library website using their DirectApply feature.

This help guide is split into 3 parts:

1. Connecting Pinpoint to your CV-Library account
2. How do I post a job to CV-Library from within Pinpoint?
3. Additional Notes

Connecting Pinpoint to your CV-Library Account

Step 1
In order to connect Pinpoint to your CV-Library account, you will need to get your account credentials from CV-Library. To do this, please contact CV-Library so that they can provide you with the correct username, password and poster's email address.

Step 2
Once you have been given your account credentials, in Pinpoint, visit the Integrations menu under the Settings heading in Pinpoint's left hand menu.

Step 3
In the Integrations menu, click on the Apps button and then search for, or scroll down to, the CV-Library integration. Click the Add button for that integration.

Step 4
When you press the Add button, the integration setup page for CV-Library will open. You'll need to add your CV-Library credentials and then press the save button.

Step 5
Once you have successfully saved your credentials, you'll need to make sure the toggle switch in the top right hand corner of the page is set to Enabled, and with this done, it will now be possible to post jobs to CV-Library

How do I post a job to CV-Library from within Pinpoint?

Step 1
Once you have created the required job vacancy in Pinpoint and published it publicly, you can create a CV-Library job posting by opening the job's overview page. To do this, navigate to the Manage Jobs page from Pinpoint's left hand menu, and selecting the title of the job you wish to create the posting for.

Once you are in the job's overview page, select the Adverts menu, and then the Integrations menu item

Step 2
From within this menu, select the Create Posting button under the CV-Library heading.

Step 3
Fill in the required fields in the form that appears, some of the values will be pre-populated with information from the job posting in Pinpoint.

Step 4
Once you have filled in the required fields, you can press the Create Posting button at the bottom of the page to create the job posting. You will return to the Adverts page and the status of the advert, plus a link to the advert will be visible.


  • ​Your CV-Library posting will expire 28 days after it was created. You will need to manually delete the posting if you close the job on Pinpoint, you can also delete the posting at any time and create a new posting in order to extend the expiration date.

  • You can manage the posting within CV-Library by visiting their Recruiter Portal (

  • Pinpoint's application questions are not supported by CV-Library's DirectApply. If you have any questions in your Pinpoint application form, you can ask the candidate to complete them after their application is submitted.

  • CV-Library's application process allows candidates to submit a resume. If they do so, it will be attached to the candidate's profile in Pinpoint. You can choose to make the submission of a resume mandatory by setting Allow candidates to quick apply? to No in the CV-Library posting form.

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