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SMS and Brand Registration (A2P 10DLC)
SMS and Brand Registration (A2P 10DLC)

Find out how to register your brand with Campaign Registry to continue to send SMS messages to candidates with US cell phone numbers

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Pinpoint is making some changes to the SMS system built in to the platform, in order to comply with rules being introduced in the USA designed to identify and reduce spam text messaging. If you send SMS messages to candidates with US cell phone numbers through Pinpoint, such as via our interview reminders system, you need to register directly with a platform called Twilio, who provide our text message functionality, in order to continue to be able to message candidates.

Watch this video, or read the guides to get up to speed on the changes, and the actions you need to take.

What is happening to text messaging, and why?

As part of an effort to reduce spam sent via text, the major cell phone providers in the US are requiring businesses to register with Campaign Registry, a service that provides a trust score for each business to ensure those using SMS are doing so responsibly.

After August 31st 2023, brands that haven't registered will be blocked from sending Application-to-Person text messages by the cell networks (the type of messages sent from businesses to individuals, including the ones sent to your candidates via Pinpoint).

Pinpoint sends it's SMS messages via a 3rd party platform called Twilio, who manage the phone numbers used for sending these messages, and in order to comply with the new rules, you need to register your business details with Twilio, who will in turn register you with Campaign Registry.

Thankfully, you can complete the registration in the Pinpoint platform by following the instructions on this page.

Nothing about the actual SMS functionality in Pinpoint is changing, and it remains free to use for all.

How do I register my business with Twilio/Campaign Registry?

Step 1

From Pinpoint's left hand menu, navigate to the Integrations page, under the Settings heading.

Step 2

Click on the Apps page, and then search for (or scroll down to) the Twilio integration. Once you can see it, click the Add button

Step 3

Under Account Type, select Pinpoint managed and check the box that says “Do you require to send messages to U.S. phone numbers?"

Step 4

Fill in the form with your business details and a point of contact to register your organization

  • Options available in the drop-down menus are defined by Twilio. Please choose the one that best fits your organization, or use the Other option if none do.

  • Fields for social media are optional, but fill in as much as you can. Having a social media presence can improve your Trust Score and your potential for being approved.

  • Under contact details, include the person who is best placed to respond to any issues with the registration.

Step 5

Click Register to submit. You will receive an email confirmation that your registration was received, and Twilio will contact you directly when the registration has been approved. Please note that Twilio are receiving a high volume of applications ahead of the changes on August 31st 2023, so please register as soon as possible.

Step 6

Once you have completed the form and pressed the register button, text messaging will continue to operate in your platform exactly as it did before, so you can continue to message candidates while you wait for registration to be completed.

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