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Using the TrustID Integration
Using the TrustID Integration

Send Right to Work / Background Check invites to your candidates

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Pinpoint's integration with TrustID allows you to order a Right To Work check on a candidate from within the Pinpoint interface using your company's TrustID account.

The guide to the TrustID integration is split into 3 parts

Roles required to configure and use the TrustID Integration

In order to enable and configure the TrustID integration ahead of its use, you'll need to have the Company Manager role assigned to you.

To order check on candidate and be able to view the results, you'll need the Background Check Creator role.

If you just need to give people access to view a completed background check result, you can assign them the Background Check Viewer role.

Connecting Pinpoint to your TrustID account

Step 1

From the left hand menu, select the Integrations page under the settings menu.

Step 2

In the integrations menu, click on the Apps button and then search for, or scroll down to, the TrustID integration. Click the Add button for that integration.

Step 3

With the integration added, you'll need to fill in your TrustID Username (not email address) and Password. You can get these details from the TrustID team if you don't already have them.

Step 4:

Once you have successfully saved your credentials, you'll need to make sure the toggle switch in the top right hand corner of the page is set to Enabled, and with this done, it will now be possible to order Right To Work checks.

How do I check a candidate's Right To Work using Pinpoint's TrustID integration?

Step 1

On the candidate's application profile, click the action button (the three small dots) above their details and select the TrustID Background Check option:

Step 2

The Background Check form will open. The Right To Work check will be sent to the email address specified here. When you've ensured that the email address is correct, hit the Send Invite button.

Once you've pressed Send Invite, the candidate will receive an invite to start the process.

Step 3

With the invite sent, you can monitor the status of the background check within Pinpoint via the Background Checks tab on a candidate's application. Invited candidates will have the Invited Status, and when the results are ready, the candidate will be marked as Complete. Once they have been marked as completed, you can click the click the View Report button to view a PDF file containing the complete set of results.

The PDF Results expire after 30, make sure to download the file before that!

Step 4

You will be notified if a candidate you have visibility over's background check has been completed and the results are ready for you to view, as long as you have the 'New Background Check Report Received' notification enabled. It will be enabled for you by default, but you can enable or disable it from your personal settings menu, found by clicking your initials in the top right hand corner, selecting the Settings menu and then, the notifications tab.


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