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Using the Humaans Integration
Using the Humaans Integration

Send candidates to your Humaans account

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Pinpoint integrates with Humaan's HRIS platform, allowing you to send any candidate from Pinpoint to your Humaans account. We will pre-fill as much of the form as we can, based on the information the candidate has already supplied

This article is split up into 2 sections:

Setting Up

Step 1

In order to link your Pinpoint and Humaans accounts, you'll need to generate an API access token in Humaans.

In your Humaans account, click the top-left area near your profile name and then 'API access tokens'

Step 2

Click 'Generate new token' and give the following permissions:

We've asked for as few permissions as we need. Copy this key to your clipboard and head to Pinpoint

Step 3

In Pinpoint, visit the Settings > Integrations menu

Step 4

In the integrations menu, click on the Apps button and then search for, or scroll down to, the Humaans integration. Click the Add button for that integration.

Step 5

Paste in your Humaans Client key, and then press Save.

Step 6

Press the Disabled toggle in the top right corner until it reads Enabled

How do I send a candidate to Humaans?

Step 1

Open the candidate's profile and from the action button (three small dots) select the Send to Humaans option:

Step 2

You'll then see the a list of fields containing information that we can send to Humaans. We'll pre-fill these fields based on the information the candidate has provided, but you can always edit before sending:

Step 3

Click Send to Humaans to send the candidate's information across to your Humaans account. You'll then find the candidate in your Humaans account under 'New hires'

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