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Enabling 2-way SMS via the Twilio Integration
Enabling 2-way SMS via the Twilio Integration

Allow candidates to reply to your interview and other text messages

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Pinpoint's integration with Twillio allows you the option to make our text messaging system 2-way, so that candidates can reply to your outbound messages. We can do this in one of two ways.

  • Method 1: Pinpoint generates the Twilio account and manages the required phone numbers (US and UK-based candidates only)

  • Method 2: Connecting your own Twilio account to Pinpoint (available to candidates in any country that Twilio support)

How do I set up the Twilio integration?

Step 1:

Using Pinpoint's left hand menu bar, navigate to the Integrations menu, found under the Settings heading (You'll need the Company Admin role assigned to you to do this).

Step 2:

Select the Apps tab on the integrations page, and scroll down to (or search for) the Twilio integration. When you've located it, press the Add button.

Step 3:

At this point, you'll be asked whether you wish to use a Twilio account that Pinpoint will create and manage on your behalf, or whether you want to connect your own Twilio account to our system. A reminder that the limitations of the system being managed by Pinpoint is that we can only support two-way messaging with candidates that use UK and US phone numbers only. If you want to be able to have two-way SMS with candidates outside of those territories, you'll need to set up your own Twilio system and connect it to Pinpoint.

If Pinpoint are managing the account (US and UK candidate numbers only), you can simply select the Pinpoint Managed option, and press the Confirm and Create option. We'll then automatically generate a Twilio account and numbers for your company, which you can start using straight away.

If you want to connect your own account and use two-way messaging in any country Twilio support, you'll need to get your Twilio Account SID and Auth Token for the Twilio account you want to use, and add them into Pinpoint before pressing the Save button.

Step 4:

Once you've confirmed your selection and pressed the save button, just ensure the toggle that activates the integration now shows Enabled.


We have candidates in multiple locations, what number will our text messages come from?

We identify which phone number to send our message from based on the dialing code of the candidate's phone number, so if you're messaging a candidate in the UK, we'll use a UK number to send the message.

Why can I see a candidate's SMS reply in a different application they've made to the company?

Unlike with emails, candidates reply to your company's phone number, not to a number that allows us to uniquely identify the specific application they are referring to when they respond to your messages. As such, we attribute any message they send you to the last application they were messaged from within Pinpoint.

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