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Using our RefNow Integration
Using our RefNow Integration

Request candidate reference checks and have the results returned directly to Pinpoint.

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Please note: Using this integration requires an open RefNow account. For more details of RefNow accounts and pricing, please contact them directly.

RefNow allows you to automate the process of collecting and checking employee references from your candidates, and our integration with their system allows you to automate the collection and checking of these references without needing to leave Pinpoint.

This guide is split into 3 parts:

Configuring the Pinpoint / RefNow integration

Step 1: From the main left hand navigation bar in Pinpoint, open the Integrations page from the Settings menu.

Step 2: Click on the Apps button at the top of the page to view the available but unconfigured integrations that are available to you. From here, search for RefNow, or scroll through the list until you find the RefNow app, and click the Add button

Step 3: To enable your integration, you will need to know your RefNow account's API key. You can get this from your RefNow Account Manager, or by submitting a support request to their help team by visiting

Once you know your API Key, add it to the API Key field in the RefNow integration page and press the save button.

Step 4: Once the key has been saved and has been verified by our system, you will need to click on the Disabled toggle button, until it shows Enabled. Once this is done, RefNow will be available for use in the Pinpoint platform.

Requesting Candidate References

Step 1: When you are ready to send out a reference request to a candidate, navigate to their profile page by selecting their name from your list of candidates for a job.

From the profile page, click on the Action menu (the three small dots), and from the list of available options that appears, choose the Send RefNow Request button.

Step 2: A dialogue box will appear. From this page, you'll need to first confirm the personal details of the candidate are correct, and add any that are missing.

There are 2 further options to pick from:

  • You can adjust the number of separate referees you want the candidate to submit by changing the References Required number.

  • You will need to pick the questions that you will ask the referees by selecting from your RefNow account's list of pre-configured Question Profiles. If you need to update these, you will need to close this menu, update the details on RefNow and re-start this process so that the updated list of question profiles is available within Pinpoint.

Step 3: Once you press 'Send RefNow Request', a request email will be sent to the candidate to start the reference checking process. This email comes from RefNow's systems, not from Pinpoint directly.

Reviewing Candidate References

Step 1: Once a candidate has submitted their referee details, RefNow will check those references and send a report back to Pinpoint. When this has been done, you will be notified by Pinpoint's notifications system that a new Reference Check has been completed, as long as you have the New Candidate Reference Report Received notification switched on in your system (it will be on by default).

Step 2: You can follow the link in the email or notification to review the completed reference check document, or you can find it by navigating back to a candidate's application profile, and clicking on the Documents tab.

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