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How do I migrate my existing data into Pinpoint?
How do I migrate my existing data into Pinpoint?

Transfer your existing candidate details from your previous ATS into Pinpoint using our self-service or migrations team options.

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Pinpoint offer 2 main options for importing existing candidate details from your previous ATS into the Pinpoint platform, which are:

Self-Service - Free for all tiers: You can use our CSV candidate upload tool to upload the information from multiple candidates into a specific Job within Pinpoint yourself.

  • You'll need to convert any downloaded data from your existing ATS over to our CSV template format yourselves, as we can only accept data in this format.

  • This is done on a job-by-job basis, so before you can upload candidates, you'll need to create the vacancies you wish to upload the candidates to in Pinpoint.

  • You can upload an unlimited number of candidates, but for larger data sets, the time it will take you to download and convert your candidate data into our upload format from your previous ATS will need to be factored into your timeframe for getting them all in place.

  • CSV files can't contain other files within them, so it's likely that any data export you get from your existing ATS will be a CSV file with candidate application details in, and then a separate folder with any associated documents in such as Résumés in PDF or DOCX format. After you've uploaded the candidates' details to Pinpoint via the CSV file, you will need to go back through each candidate in Pinpoint individually and add their associated documents. Again, you'll need to consider the time this will take if you have a large volume of candidates.

  • For details on how to upload candidates in this way, you can read this helpguide on manual candidate upload.

Via our Migrations Team - Free for those with contract values over $30,000/year. For contracts under $30,000/year, see our approximate costs below: Our migrations team will handle the data you pass over to us from your existing ATS provider, and load it into the platform for you to start using.

  • This is well suited if you have a meaningful amount of candidates and jobs to upload to Pinpoint.

  • For any jobs that are historic or for reference only, we can create the jobs as well as the candidates so you only need to set up your active vacancies before going live with Pinpoint.

Migration via our Migrations Team

We understand how important your existing data is to you, and our migration team are here to help you transfer that data into Pinpoint quickly and easily so you can hit the ground running.


In our experience, it's useful to do the following things ahead of time to ensure a seamless migration from your existing system to Pinpoint.

  1. Inform your current ATS as soon as possible, as it's very likely they'll have a standard SLA for when they will provide you with the data (often this is two weeks).

  2. Have somewhere to store the information. Lots of clients like to keep a copy of the exported data somewhere safe so they can access it if needed and for peace of mind.

  3. Use this as an opportunity to sanitise your data. Old or incorrect information will follow you over into Pinpoint if it's not removed before the migration. Unless your historic data is immediately useful to you, it might be worth considering whether you really need to import all of it, or whether you're better to focus on importing relevant recent data - very old or incorrect information can skew your reporting data and produce misleading results.

  4. Decide what data you want to migrate over. As per the point above, we recommend only migrating your active data and keeping historic data safely stored somewhere, we can always import more data at a later date.

Data export formats

Our standard import service includes the migration of data records from other systems if they are in CSV/spreadsheet formats. SQL backups, XML, JSON, and any non-spreadsheet formats will need to be converted by you or the previous ATS before providing them.

What data is imported

We can import the following data into Pinpoint:

  • Job postings

  • Applications along with their workflow status

  • Talent pool

  • Resumes and other files

  • Notes and comments


How long does it take?

The amount of time the export from your current ATS provider takes is variable and you should establish that with them ahead of time.

Data import projects from other systems into Pinpoint takes 15 business days from the date that we receive the import files.

How much does it cost?

Talk to your Customer Success Specialist, they can help you on up to date pricing.

Can we do a second migration of data?

Yes, we can do a second migration of data, but any additional time spent on the second migration will be charged as above ($150 per hour, billed upon completion of the second migration).

Any there any minimum requirements for the data?

Yes - candidates in Pinpoint require at a minimum a full name and email address (all other pieces of information are optional, but will be imported if included in the data), any candidates provided to us without those fields won't be able to be imported.

For jobs, we need a minimum of a title and the location in order to recreate it in Pinpoint.

Resumes and other files must be able to be associated with an applicant, whether that is through a column on the applicants CV or by the naming convention of the file.

Is there a limit on the size of the migration / the number of records that can be imported?

There is no hard limit on the number of records we can create as part of the migration.

How does the switch over work?

For most clients, the smoothest possible way to switch is to manually create the jobs being recruited for in Pinpoint ahead of the 'Go Live' date and mark them as closed. On the date you stop using your old ATS and go live with Pinpoint, simply mark those jobs as live and start managing the new applicants in Pinpoint immediately.

After you have stopped using your existing ATS, get the data export (ensure you have requested this ahead of time as there can be a long lead time) and we can begin the process of migrating the existing and historic applicants in parallel with you working within Pinpoint and there is no downtime for receiving new applications.

It's really important that you request the data migration from your existing ATS ahead of time, and only get the data once you have closed any live jobs on that platform. This means that when we receive the data it's final and complete. Requesting a second export from your existing ATS may incur a charge from your existing vendor, and there's an additional cost for migrating further rounds of data into Pinpoint.

Who is responsible for getting the data from my current ATS?

Unfortunately in most cases we're unable contact or work with your existing ATS vendor on your behalf, so obtaining a copy of your existing data is your responsibility, but you're welcome to copy in your Customer Success Specialist on the emails with your existing vendor in case they need any additional insight from our team.

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