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Using the Pinpoint Zapier Integration
Using the Pinpoint Zapier Integration
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Zapier is a platform designed to help you connect together software platforms that don't directly integrate with each other. By connecting Pinpoint to Zapier, you are able to trigger events in any of Zapier's 4000+ connected apps from an event that occurs in Pinpoint, such as new application being received, or a candidate being moved into a particular hiring workflow stage.

For example, you could use our Zapier integration to:

  • Notify a specific Slack channel of a new applicant to a specific Job

  • Add new talent pipeline candidates to an email nurture campaign in Mailchimp or HubSpot

  • Create a task in your favourite task management app when there’s a new candidate to review

  • Invite a candidate to a technical assessment in a tool like Coderbyte

How do I set up the Zapier integration?

First, navigate to the Integrations page from the Setttings menu in Pinpoint. From here, find the Zapper integration and choose Add

From the menu that appears, you'll need to choose

a) Get your API from Pinpoint. Go to the 'integrations' page on the left hand panel, and click 'Pinpoint API'

b) Go to and sign up to a free account if you don't have one already

c) Click 'make a Zap!'


There are a wide variety of ways you can use zapier, check out their demo for some inspiration!

Here I'll run you through an example of getting notified about candidates to your Slack channels:

a) Press 'Make a Zap' and choose Pinpoint, like below.

b) Next choose what event you want to be zapped over, here I'll choose a 'New Application' from a candidate

c) Choose your Pinpoint account to continue here

d) If you'd like to be notified for a specific job only, then choose it here. I am going to choose the Buyer job to be notified for.

Note: The number under the job corresponds with the URL on the page as shown below.

e) Test the trigger!

This will provide a bunch of random data that can be pulled from your system. The purpose is to see if the connection has worked.

f) Now we've done it from the Pinpoint side, you need to choose where you want the Zap to go. I will choose Slack

g) Here you choose where you want the Zap to specifically go (or how it'll act). I want a message to be sent in a Channel.

h) You'll then need to link your Slack account

i) Now you are setting up the automated message you want to be sent through to Slack. These first two sections are important where I have chosen our 'general' channel in Pinpoint. I have written the message text and used some of their custom fields (e.g. 1. First Name: xxx).

j) Now you just need to test the Zap and continue. In time you can skip tests and turn it on in the top right hand corner, yet a test is always very useful to see if it's working as expected prior to the automation set up!

The message will now be automated, so that anytime a new candidate applied to the Buyer role, the slack channel "General" will get a notification with the candidate info (from the message text).

Happy Zapping!

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