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Automatically listing Pinpoint roles on Indeed with our Indeed XML feed
Automatically listing Pinpoint roles on Indeed with our Indeed XML feed

Use our Indeed RSS feed to have your jobs automatically pulled through to Indeed

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This guide is divided into three main sections:

Set up automatic listing of Pinpoint roles on Indeed

Pinpoint automatically generates a feed of your open public jobs, which can be used to list your Pinpoint jobs on or your regional equivalent (, etc) for free.

You'll need to complete these steps to tell Indeed where your feed is located, so that they can start listing your open jobs from Pinpoint automatically

Step 1: Preparation

Indeed checks the accuracy of job posts. You'll need to do some preparation work to help your job posts be as accurate as possible and make this clear to Indeed when they check your request.


If you haven't already, make sure that your locations in Pinpoint contain all of the following:

  • Name

  • City / Town

  • State / Province / County

  • Country

Our guide How do I add Departments and Locations in Pinpoint? explains how you can add/edit locations to Pinpoint.


Please have at least one job publicly available from Pinpoint.

Our guide How do I create a job? explains how you can create and post a job from Pinpoint.

Careers Page

Please make sure that the only open jobs visible on your Careers page are jobs from Pinpoint, regardless of whether you're using a Pinpoint-built careers site, have embedded Pinpoint's jobs widget into your own careers site, or are using our JSON endpoint.

Step 2: Tell Indeed Support that you are using Pinpoint

You'll need to tell your account manager where Indeed can find your jobs in Pinpoint. If you don't have an account manager, please contact Indeed here. Please use this template, replacing subdomain with your Pinpoint subdomain.


We have recently started using a new ATS (Pinpoint), and we would like to pull our jobs through to Indeed.

Can you please pull through these jobs:

Our careers site is:

Many thanks,


Your subdomain is part of your Pinpoint URL before

Step 3: Indeed checks

Indeed will check the accuracy of your job posts, making sure the jobs in the feed match what is publicly visible on your careers page. They will confirm when they have completed the setup on their side. This can sometimes take as long as 2 weeks.

What if Indeed needs more information to complete its setup?

Please feel free to contact your Implementation Specialist, Customer Success Manager, or the Support team for more advice.

Once Indeed confirms that they have completed the setup on their side, all jobs you post publicly on Pinpoint will be posted to Indeed automatically.

Set up Indeed Apply

Once Indeed automatically takes in open public jobs from Pinpoint, you can get candidates to apply for your roles directly from Indeed.

Enabling Indeed Apply can attract as many as four times more applicants since candidates can apply directly on Indeed (especially for high-volume roles).

It will also allow you to sponsor roles posted on Pinpoint directly in Indeed.

Step 1: Generate Client ID and Client Secret in Indeed.

Please go to to get started.

Click on the 'Register New Application' button.

Fill in the Application name and Website sections. These are for your own benefit and don't affect how the system works, but we suggest the application name be Pinpoint so you can easily find these details in the future.

For the Credential Type, make sure you choose the Indeed Apply option, NOT OAuth 2.0.

Once you have completed and submitted this information, you should now be able to see the newly registered Pinpoint application. The important pieces you will need are the Client ID and Client Secret. You may need to click on the Edit button in this section to get the client secret, as it's not always shown directly on the application page.

Step 2: Enter Client ID and Client secret into Pinpoint

Log into Pinpoint and navigate to the Settings > Integrations menu.

From this menu, click the Apps button and find the Indeed option. When you've located it, click the Add button.

Copy and Paste your Indeed Client ID and Client Secret into Pinpoint, then click Save.

Step 3: Enable Indeed Apply integration

Once that's done, you can click the Enable toggle in the top right-hand corner to complete the process and enable Indeed Apply for your Pinpoint jobs.

Indeed can take up to 24 hours to add the Apply button to your Indeed postings, but once they do, candidates will be able to apply to your Pinpoint jobs without needing to leave Indeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up sponsored roles in Indeed?

Depends on whether you have the Indeed Apply integration set up or not:

  • If you have the Indeed Apply integration set up: You can see the jobs you created in Pinpoint on your Indeed Dashboard and sponsor them by going to Campaigns > Create Campaign.

  • If you do not have the Indeed Apply integration set up: Email your Indeed account manager to confirm which jobs you'd like to be sponsored on Indeed.

How can I check that my XML feed is correct?

Go to (replacing subdomain with your actual subdomain). It should look something like this:

Can candidates using Indeed Apply still fill in a role's pre-screening questions?

Absolutely. The questions are included in our feed to Indeed, so the candidate will be asked to complete them from within Indeed before they can finish an application.

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